Tōketsu Kaijitsu

Male Alchemist (Grenadier)


A lithe blue-skinned giant (6’-10" and 286 lbs.) with red eyes that smolder faintly like coals, long arms that end in four-fingered claws, a mouth full of wickedly sharp teeth and a pair of tusks jutting upward from his lower jaw. His silvery-white hair is pulled back into a topknot and two long horns protrude from his brow. A sinuous blue tail sways back and forth in time with his mood; languidly moving side to side when he’s calm and twitching nervously when he’s on edge.

It is difficult to judge his exact parentage or age but overlooking his more monstrous features, he appears more human than not and there is a certain youthful air to his demeanor. His malevolent appearance is belied by eloquent manners, a strong sense of humor and a boyish enthusiasm when talking to others about his latest alchemical breakthrough or listening raptly to stories from afar.

He is dressed plainly in the style of an ascetic monk from the East and wears an overly large straw hat which conceals the upper half to two-thirds of his face. The only decoration he displays is a large string of wooden beads which he wears about his neck.

When traveling in the wild, he is lightly armored and carries a great bow that he handles with the ease of one accustomed to using it. He also carries a variety of odd-looking glass and ceramic vials in a pair of bandoliers that crisscross his broad chest. Finally, he carries a great kanabō, a massive wooden club sheathed in iron with iron spikes on one end, that is nearly as tall as he is. Its hilt bears strange runes or foreign-looking characters of some kind.



Tōketsu has lived in Sandpoint for as long as anyone can remember. He isn’t quite hated by the locals but many are distrustful of him and maintain their distance unless they have need of his wares. He is related to one of the town’s founding families and while he is not exactly a favored son, the connection appears to be enough to prevent any of the townsfolk from doing anything too rash no matter how they might actually feel about his presence here.

He lives in an unused mill a comfortable distance outside of town which suits both Tōketsu and the townsfolk just fine.

He makes his living as an apothecary and chemist, selling a variety of herbs, pesticides, alchemical remedies (e.g., alchemist’s kindness or soothe syrup), alchemical tools (e.g., alchemist’s cement or candlerods), and fireworks for festivals or other special occasions.

Tōketsu Kaijitsu

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