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22 Rova 4707 (2/7/2014) – Into the Boneyard

from "The Journal of Siȝecraft Ælfsiȝe Ælfwine"

Gint assists me in finishing my inspection of the goblin bodes about the same time as Sheriff Belor Hemlock arrives back in the town square with deputies and two goblin prisoners in tow. I approach him and relate the information I’ve garnered in my interrogation. “You speak goblin?” he asks and I affirm that I do. “That could be useful – I don’t speak it.”

I inquire if the Mayor is unharmed and am told she’s fine. The casualties were few, mostly limited to dogs and horses. Sheriff Hemlock confirms there are goblin caves to the west. He indicates it’s very unusual for goblins to attack Sandpoint, especially in the manner they did. Apparently they arrived hidden in wagons this morning (and he’s off to investigate that further). The Sheriff also recommends I might look up Shalelu Andosana, an elven huntress, if I’m looking for more information about the local goblin tribes. Shalelu is an expert on goblins.

I turn Gint over to his custody and suggest informing Mayor Kendra Deverin as soon as possible the information Gint related. The Sheriff commits to do so.

The group that fought the goblins to the northeast (and rescued Aldren Foxglove) arrive in the town square. They relate their tale to me, mostly told above. At the end of the battle, Foxglove introduces himself and takes a special fancy to the human bard, whom I find out is named Darrius. “Congratulations old chap on your singing.” Foxglove mentions he’s staying at The Rusty Dragon and would be happy to buy everyone drinks later tonight. He also mentions he’s hunting boar on the morrow and invites everyone, even offering to buy a horse for anyone that needs one. Draethor recovers two masterwork horse slicers (short swords) worth 155 gp each.

I give the empty vial to Tōketsu, in case he can use it. He asks to see the other vial and identifies it as a potion of Cure Light Wounds (1d8+1). Tōketsu tells me the goblins that attacked Foxglove (the ones with goblin dogs) were from the Thistletop tribe of the Nettlewood Coast. He then inspects the chanters and identifies them as Licktoad Goblins of the Brinestump Marsh. They can be identified by a slight webbing between their toes. So far that makes:

  • Birdcrunchers – live in caves to the West; wear feathers; hidden in the wagons (smuggled into town)
  • Mosswood – called “pyros”; use fire
  • Thistletop – from the Nettlewood Coast; chanters (bards)
  • Licktoad – from the Brinestump Marsh; have goblin dogs

Townspeople start coming back to the town square. Their gratitude is open and they start praising me and my newfound companions as “heroes” and “saviors”, pouring gifts upon us. The gifts are humble in nature – a homemade loaf of bread, other baked goods, fresh produce, a bottle of local wine – but the sentiment humbles me. It’s made clear anything we want to purchase from any townsperson will be sold at a discount (10%), at least while the memory of today’s heroics are still fresh on the townspeople’s minds. We are then approached by Ameiko Kaijitsu – proprietor of The Rusty Dragon. “To honor you for your bravery I would like to offer you rooms at The Rusty Dragon for a week as my special guests.” Ameiko and the party set off for The Rusty Dragon.

When we arrive, I gather the party into our suite of rooms and relate the intelligence I learned from Gint, suggesting we should go and tell the Mayor ourselves as no one else can truly be trusted. The reactions are varied:

Argentus – “Why should I care?”
Tōketsu – “Sheriff Balor is a good man – he can be trusted.”
Draethor – “I recovered two masterwork horse slicers. I suggest selling them and splitting the proceeds.”
Ro – “I want to go to the Boneyard now.” (Draethor assents to this plan of action.)
Darrius – silence
Sanliss – silence
Dion – silence
Kodlak – Excuses himself to go sell the horse slicers.

I wait until Kodlak is gone before speaking. “Perhaps someone should follow him. It’s suspicious I’ve just explained there’s a plot against the town of Sandpoint and Kodlak felt the need to excuse himself so quickly.”

“Why should I care?” Argentus repeats.

Before we can discuss further we’re distracted by a confrontation in the bar area. Going to investigate we discover an older gentleman we learn is Lonjiku Kaijitsu, father of Ameiko and brother of Tōketsu. Lonjiku is yelling at Ameiko in a language I’ve never heard before, but Tōketsu seems to comprehend. Tōketsu interrupts in that language. Gesturing at the party, Lonjiku switches to Taldane. “You should all leave – you’re not wanted here. Ameiko, throw them out or you are no longer my daughter.”

Draethor closes the distance in two heartbeats and pushes the old man. “Leave her alone.”

“Bah! I disown you!”, and Lonjiku leaves The Rusty Dragon. I catch up to him before he leaves and, still fearing goblins hidden in the town, offer to escort him home. “You? Get away from me.” Lonjiku crackles as he leaves the bar.

Draethor asks Ameiko why her husband allowed that man to speak to her that way. “I am not married, and that man is my father” Ameiko replies. “Well, then why were you allowed to speak to him at all if you’re not married?” Ameiko does not appear pleased at the remark.

Foxglove shows up sometime after the confrontation. He directly heads for Darrius and greets him very affectionately. Foxglove hands Darrius a pouch with coin “For you to share with your friends that helped me today.” Foxglove then extends his offer for drinks and for participation on the morrow in the fox hunt (with horses to be provided).

Draethor becomes noticeably drunk. I nurse another elven absinthe and ask Tōketsu if he’d introduce me to his niece, which he kindly assents to. I get to spend a little bit of time with this attractive human and get to know her a little better. She is a very pleasant and charming person.

Ro, seeming very bored, insists on going to the Boneyard. It is after dark and too late to make a visit to the Mayor. I readily agree, and soon the others do as well. Draethor insists on taking a full stout of beer with him.

We enter the Boneyard with enough starlight that even the humans do not need torches to see by. Everything seems as it should until we approach a gated area. The night watchman we’ve been told should be present is nowhere to be seen, but the lock and chain securing the gate have been cut. Tōketsu enters stealthily, making way towards the mausoleum on the right. Argentus is stealthily making his way up the middle. The others – not so stealthily – enter and group on the other side of the gate. I take a position just inside the gate and send my Dancing Lights towards the far mausoleum.

The noises of the undead betray their presence before I can see them. There are three zombies in each of the nearer mausoleums (six total). Argentus – seemingly with a death wish – charges into the mausoleum on the right and is surrounded. He falls almost as soon as he steps in. Tōketsu goes and drags his limp body from the tomb. The others advance further into the graveyard, and I take up a position behind Darrius.

Then, my Dancing Lights reveal a group of eight skeletons emerging from the far crypt. Immediately Kodlak runs away, followed by Sanliss and then Darrius (leaving me unprotected). I make a flanking maneuver around Ro, Draethor and Dion to end on their right flank. I release a Burning Hands to good effect on the line of three zombies in front of them. Ro and Draethor attack, but we all fail to drop a zombie. The skeletons charge the line but were generally to far away to make good on the charge. The undead are clustered so thick I will have a full utilization of my next Burning Hands.

Meanwhile, Tōketsu manages to get Argentus behind our line and Dion withdraws to join them. The frontline now consists of Ro, Draethor and myself. A third of our party has retreated while another third is dealing with the rashness of Argentus. Mental note: Only Draethor, Ro and Tōketsu can be trusted in battle.

The zombie Dion left for me deals a mighty slamming blow and I lose consciousness. I’m told later that Tōketsu throws a bomb and drops a skeleton and two of the zombies I hit with Burning Hands, damaging even more. Ro and Draethor take out the third zombie.

Argentus stands up – apparently he wasn’t felled by the zombies but decided to play dead instead. Dion chooses to cast a healing spell on him instead of channeling energy (which would have benefited me as well). I could well have met my faith then and there if not for Draethor breaking ranks and grabbing my body.

Before Ro can join in the fighting withdrawal, Sheriff Hemlock, Father Zantus and two town’s guardsmen arrive with Kodlak, Sanliss and Darrius. It seems that in their retreat Kodlak, Sanliss and Darrius discover the townspeople searching for us. They had went to The Rusty Dragon to discuss going to the Boneyard with us on the morrow. When they heard we had already left for the Boneyard they made due haste in catching up with us. Praise Desna they did!

With the help of the townsmen, the remaining undead are put to their final rest.

Searching the right mausoleum we find a cloak with a faint (lingering) necromantic aura. The large mausoleum on the far end contains another cloak which Tōketsu Identifies as a Robe of Bones with two skeletal horse patches left. We conjecture the first robe was the same, and the robes were used to create the zombies and skeletons (no graves were disturbed). The Robe of Bones has a bronze clasp with faint magic. The clasp appears to be a key that opens something, but to what is a mystery.

The far mausoleum was the resting place of Ezakien Tobyn, the town’s priest that was killed in 4702 AR when the Sandpoint chapel burnt to the ground. His body is missing.

I shake Draethor’s hand and thank him for saving my life. He accepts my gesture graciously.

We return to The Rusty Dragon for a good night’s sleep.


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